A Return to Development!

So I returned to the Land of the Employed a few months ago, which really put a damper on the production of my previous project. Since it was intended to get me a job (and in that regard, was a success), I am happy with what I learned and OK with leaving it for now.

But I need to be making something, and need to be getting better, so I have come up with a project more suited to my now-currently-employed schedule, and it is my new mobile project which I am happy to introduce.


This project is an Idle Game modeled after the likes of Tap Titan and AdVenture Capitalist. The Player passively gains income while not playing, and gains gold faster while engaged. Tapping the screen attacks monsters, killing them faster and granting the player with Gold and XP. The Player can use Gold to buy more powerful weapons and followers. Below is a simple Core Game Loop detailing this process, and the IAP I intend to introduce for monetization.

core loop


I have a decent amount of the core gameplay implemented already. Features currently include:

  • Monster Spawning!
  • Purchase Allies and Weapons from the shop and have them show up/be equipped in game along with their various abilities and effects
  • Basic Ally and Enemy AI (Perform actions every X seconds)
  • Simple Player progression curve


There is still much to go, and I intend to go as fast as my schedule allows. Look for more in the future.