Grayboxing the First Dungeon

In progress build of level 1

I did a little bit of refactoring this week to change how the Players are spawned into the game. This will allow me to spawn them in at checkpoints and load into other levels, and this took up a bit of my time that I had wanted to use for building levels.

Be that as it may, I have begun building the first dungeon of my game. Using the skills I have learned and employed while building a campaign for Strife, I am looking to accomplish some simple goals.

  1. Pacing – Employ a simple pacing structure for encounters and puzzles
  2. Ramping up the Difficulty- Increase difficulty of the challenges the Players must tackle over time and make sure they fit into the pacing I want
  3. Fun Factor – This should serve as a good test for the combat system, though right now there are just Slimes to fight.

    Slimes so fierce!

  4. Puzzle Design – Iterate on environmental puzzles and create assets as needed
  5. Level Housekeeping – Will need to integrate my checkpoint system, saving/loading, and spawning and cleaning up of enemies, unused or completed sections of the level, and other objects, all of which I have plans for.

In the name of organization, I am creating gizmos and color coding specific objects and areas in the level, and having a bit of unexpected fun doing so.

Up Next: Finish the level and create more enemies!

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