Ability Scripting

A button pressing mini game

The past week I have been focusing on scripting abilities for both players. These abilities fit into the larger system I have created that handles cooldowns, mana cost, etc. so all I had to do was create what I am calling the “Action Components,” or what the ability actually does. Here are my initial abilities for each character.

Knight (Player 1)


  1. AoE Spin Attack: Damages enemies and pushes them away from the player
  2. Leap Smash: The Knight leaps forward and slams the ground, dealing damage in an area.
  3. AoE Taunt: Causes enemies around the Knight to focus their attacks on him.
  4. Rally Flag: Places a Flag on the ground to which the White Mage can teleport to.
  5. Block: Hold up your shield to deflect attacks in front of you
  6. Raise shield: Put your shield above your head so the White Mage can jump on top of it, using it as a ledge to reach higher places.

White Mage (Player 2)


  1. Heal Other: A channeled ability that heals the other player over time
  2. Heal Area: A channeled ability that heals anyone in a radius over time
  3. Fireball: Charge up for a brief period before launching a large fireball. Classic.
  4. Teleport: Teleport to the Knight, or the Knight’s Rally Flag if it is out.
  5. Block: Create a shield of energy in front of the player, deflecting attacks in front of you.
  6. Channel Magic: Activate any magical objects or switches in the surrounding area.

These are the first round of abilities and they are all completely functional with temporary art and effects. They should allow for some interesting gameplay in both combat and puzzle solving.

Next Up: Dungeon Building.

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