Let’s Make a Game: Progress So Far

Prototyping Scene in Unity
Prototyping Scene in Unity

I like playing games. My wife likes playing games. This blog attempts to chronicle the making of a game in Unity that my wife and I would like to play, a few words at a time.

Game Goals are as follows:

  1. Create a couch coop game reminiscent of Zelda with hints of Dark Souls
  2. Emphasize cooperative game play elements. Players should truly have to work together

Current features at this point:

  1. Player controller (Walk/Run, Dash, and Jump) with animations and effects
  2. Melee and Ranged attack system with animations and effects
  3. Re-usable Ability system for the Player and Enemies
  4. Player stats (Health, Mana, Stamina) and integration with abilities and attacks
  5. Inventory System that allows players to pick up weapons, equip them, and arrange them in the inventory space
  6. Player UI for stats and inventory
  7. Basic enemy AI that allows enemies to use abilities and navigate. Hooked up to animation controllers
  8. A coop-style camera
  9. All models, textures, code, and everything else in the game are made from scratch by myself, which has afforded me with some excellent learning opportunities.

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